Diminution intellectuelle en France: 1999 à 2009.

L'immigration massive de populations génétiquement moins intelligentes diminue progressivement le Q.I en France (et en Europe).


"it might be that the increase in the numbers of immigrants with lower IQs in the French population may explain the decline.
This increase has occurred throughout western Europe and a number of studies have shown that immigrants from North Africa and southwest Asia typically have an average IQ of around 85 to 90 (Lynn, 2006, 2008; Lynn & Vanhanen, 2012; Rindermann & Thompson, 2014; for a large meta-analysis see te Nijenhuis, de Jong, Evers, & van der Flier, 2004)."


Estimation du Q.I par neuro-imagerie...

Il est aujourd'hui possible d'estimer correctement le Q.I d'une personne par neuro-imagerie. L'intelligence est une caractéristique biologique.

"Our work paves a new way for a research on predicting an infant’s future IQ score by using neuroimaging data, which can be a potential indicator for parents to prepare their child’s education if needed"

"MRI-Based Intelligence Quotient (IQ) Estimation with Sparse Learning"  Liye Wang, Chong-Yaw Wee, Heung-Il Suk,Xiaoying Tang, Dinggang Shen. Published: March 30, 2015.



Variations raciales dans les allèles pour une haute intelligence.

"A review of intelligence GWAS hits: Their relationship to country IQ and the issue of spatial autocorrelation" Davide Piffer, 2015, Ulster Institute for Social Research, London, UK. Publié dans Intelligence 53 (2015) 43–50.



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